About Me

Northern California born and raised, I came to Miami by way of Idaho and Colorado. The truth is, I love the ocean and winter just isn't my thing. Miami was the perfect choice for me. I love the weather and the active lifestyle, and to me, happiness is a quick drive in my convertible or a dip in the ocean. Since I love to do things a bit differently, I thought, "why not have TWO cities to call home?" New Orleans is so amazingly interesting and has such fabulous people that I couldn't resist. So now you can find me bouncing back and forth between the two, with other fantastic locations, like NYC, Boston, California, and The Bahamas, thrown in!

I guess that you can tell from all of the above that I am motivated and driven. True and all for good reason: I LOVE showing people how gorgeous they are and how beautiful they look through my lens. I tend to get giddy when I get "THAT" shot. I might just talk about it, out loud, several times during a shoot. I'm addicted to being active and get a bit irritable if I have to avoid it for very long. I sing and dance and love musical theater, and I will sing just about any song that comes on the radio.

I'm recently married to this sexy, adorable British bloke who also made me step-mom....the good kind. We round out our family with my can't-be-cuter canine, Sam; a silky terrier who holds my heart and takes over my bed and Honey (often called "Hunny-Bunny") who's the cutest schnoodle and she runs the house for sure!

I'm fairly funny, and trust me, even funnier after a drink or two. Speaking of drinks, my favorite is Hendricks and tonic (in case you were wondering or want to bribe me). An avid sports fan, you will find me watching the Dolphins game on Sunday's in the fall, and sometimes the Saints or Broncos, when necessary. Recently become a soccer fan (by marriage) and will often watch premier league games and scream at the TV.

I love meeting new people and spending time with friends, but I thrive on quiet evenings. I laugh a lot, love animals (and never eat them) vegan donuts, and have a slightly (very) dirty mind. That's me!

xoxo, Candice

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