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Candice made me feel comfortable, sexy, and beautiful!

I think I'm usually decently self confident, but I left that shoot with my confidence through the roof, feeling like I could have a career in modeling! I had never done anything like that at all, but Candice made me feel comfortable, sexy, and beautiful! Just do it. It does wonders for you to be able to look at yourself and realize you're beautiful- more beautiful than maybe you've ever acknowledged. Do ittttttt!


By far the most rewarding and empowering thing I have ever done.

I felt so beautiful, sexy and confident the whole time I was there, especially while being photographed. Candice guided me into positions that were flaunting my curves and flattering in all angels. At one point I was laying on her bed completely naked being photographed and was loving every damn minute of it! The entire session was completely different than what i expected. It was exactly what I needed to gain more confidence and self esteem, and to truly see myself as I am now and not the sameĀ  girl I use too be.


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