The boudoir experience with Sexy Serendipity is more like a Spa Day than anything else. Weekday sessions are Tuesday through Friday, and there are also occasional weekend sessions available. The choice is up to you.

We will start the day with mimosas and pamper you with a full makeover with our fabulous Hair & Makeup Artist while you relax, chill, and have some good, old-fashioned girl talk!

Then, after consulting over your outfit options (and perhaps a little fashion show) we start shooting, with you coming more and more alive with each passing shot.

When the shoot is done, we'll break for lunch, so while you grab something yummy close by (believe me, you'll be hungry), I will be busily prepping your images because, right after lunch, you will come back, grab a glass of wine, and we'll have a private reveal and get to see how gorgeous my lens finds you!

You will then get to view, choose, and order whatever you want—albums, wall art, etc.

Doesn't this sound like a fabulous day?

{A.} Yes! Yes! Yes!  Whatever your excuses are, please know that boudoir is for every woman. And you absolutely don't have to be a specific type or a model. In fact, I prefer not working with models. Boudoir is about beauty and confidence. It's about feeling amazing in your own skin and reminding yourself you are beautiful. Don't believe me? Let me show you.

Most of our sessions are done in our Miami studio. A downtown condo in a high-rise decorated like a boutique hotel suite offers lots of options for your shoot. The colors are all in neutral tones so that any color outfit will still look great. Sessions start at 9:00 a.m. with hair and makeup and conclude with getting to see all your images the same day!

Girl, of course I can! I completely understand, and I don't want you to worry or feel uncomfortable. We only ever do what you are comfortable with. I want you to feel stunning, gorgeous and confident. And clothes on or off, we can create something amazing.

The easy answer is "Whatever you feel amazing in!" Most people tend to choose some kind of lingerie, but don't limit yourself. You don't need massive amounts of lace and satin to pull together the perfect portrait wardrobe. After you book, I'll send you my welcome email where I will help you decide just what is perfect for you!

Don't worry! As soon as we book your session, I'll send you a welcome email and access to my super-informative welcome guide on how to prepare for your session. I won't leave you hanging!

 So, to book in for a Boudoir Session there is a $500 Session Fee due upon booking. This Session Fee includes a ton of stuff! It includes a pre-shoot consultation, bottomless mimosas, complementary headshot, wardrobe and styling advice, and more! Check it all out on the pricing page here.

Prints and products may be purchased separately.

YES! We recently teamed up with Square Installments to offer payment plans of 3, 6 or 12 months. And because this plan is so awesome you don't have to wait to receive your get them right away and can pay off your order over the next 12 months!

Yes! And no. Confused yet? This really is a one-on-one experience. However, if you'd like to have someone with you while you get your hair and makeup done and drink mimosas, we are fine with that! And she can help you pick out your pictures at the end. We only ask that she step out for the shooting portion so you can connect with me as your photographer. Believe me, this part is really important!

This is an easy one! Albums. It's the most perfect gift. Elegant, discreet and fits perfectly in a bedside drawer. Ranging from 10 -60 images, an album is a portable way to include just what you want in the way you want. You can even write your own personal inscription.

Of course. We will NEVER use anything without your permission. Please do not stress about this. You have full control. However, if you haven't noticed, my work is very classy and beautiful, and we have found that our clients love showing their images off. So, in the event that you are super proud of your amazing images and you do permit me to include them in my portfolio, please know that your real name will never be used in any form, and I will never tag you on social media. I'm excellent at keeping secrets, and you can even have control over what date the images can be used. So, if it is a super secret gift, you can rest assured assured your secret is safe with me.

Yes, we currently offer a couple's upgrade for certain collections that ads a partner for part of the session. Please schedule a phone consultation so we can discuss what you have in mind.

Of course, I would love to show your amazing, beautiful images in my portfolio. However, I completely understand that you may not be comfortable with that. Rest assured, I only show images when I have been given permission to do so. You are in complete control of what you are comfortable with. Some women are happy to let me choose the images, and some have some restrictions. Whatever feels right to you works for me.

Well, this is completely up to you, but the earlier, the better. During most of the year, I am booked up months in advance. Fridays are the most popular and always go first, so keep that in mind. Also, if you need your order back by a specific date (for a gift), please plan on scheduling your session at least 6-8 weeks in advance of the date. If it is within 6 weeks, please schedule a call to see if we can accommodate and make sure the images and product can be delivered by the date needed.

Yes, Most clients choose to purchase a collection with digital images. However they are also offered ala carte starting with 20 images. 

Are you ready to start planning YOUR ultimate boudoir experience?

Let's schedule a free phone consultation so I can hear more about what you're looking for,
walk you through what I can offer and answer any questions you may have!

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