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Welcome to Sexy Serendipity!  South Florida's Premier Boudoir Studio!  By WOMEN for WOMEN to empower, embolden, and infuse a new sense of confidence.   Our sessions create a luxury boudoir experience that reminds you to love yourself and celebrates femininity.

This is boudoir for EVERY WOMAN.

You are STRONG. You are BADASS. You are UNIQUE. You are SEXY. You are BEAUTIFUL.



A place for Women to be free to chat, share images and experiences, spread positivity and leave the stress of the world behind. Includes exclusive events, behind-the-scenes, special offers and giveaways.


       At the end of it all, this turned out to be more than a gift for my new husband. It was validation to me of my worth and how beautiful I really am, which is priceless and so valuable to me. It’s hard to look at the mirror and feel beautiful but looking at those images, I now have no issue of seeing just that.


       I feel even more confident now that I took that photos. The photos were for me and something for me to have for myself. I got a large three split canvas of myself doing the splits to go over my bed. At first I felt that it was kind of extra to have a large photo of myself over my bed. What a diva! But as time went on I got more comfortable of showing myself. My parents recently visited and I was very nervous of what my Dad would say. Do I take it down? Do I leave it? To my surprise his comment was, “that’s really nice!”


Our Mission at Sexy Serendipity is to make you feel like the gorgeous and sexy woman you are create portraits that will make you walk out of our studio with a newfound confidence in who you are as a woman.  Our downtown Miami studio on the 29th floor of a high rise is completely private and convenient to all of the South Florida Area.

We understand that sexy is about classy sensualist that brings out the many sides of your personality. Whether you want sweet, sporty, girl next door, or mysterious we can show them all.

This is about you.  You are worth it. You are PERFECT as you are NOW. Life is short. Do the Shoot.And if you decide to show someone else....well that's a little bonus.


         I mean, if I could have purchased them all I DEFINITELY would have!! To see how the way she posed me and how she translated it to film was AMAZING!! My confidence was already on 10 but know it's like on 1,000. And everyone is like "WOW!!"... I am so happy I did it and will be booking another one!!


  My session was by far the most rewarding and empowering thing I have ever done. I felt so beautiful, sexy and confident the whole time I was there, especially while being photographed. Candice guided me into positions that were flaunting my curves and flattering in all angels. At one point I was laying on her bed completely naked being photographed and was loving every damn minute of it! The entire session was completely different than what i expected. It was exactly what I needed to gain more confidence and self esteem, and to truly see myself as I am now and not the same overweight girl I use too be.

About Me

I believe that champagne is wonderful no matter the time of day.
I believe women are more beautiful than they know.
I believe in chocolate....always.
I believe that if we believe we are amazing...we really are.
I believe that girl time is a necessity.
I believe that moms deserve to feel sexy more than anyone.
I believe that lipstick is magic.
I believe that sexy and sensual are to be CELEBRATED
I believe that you DESERVE this.

xoxo, Candice

Sexy Serendipity Boudoir Galleries

Although I've been a professional photographer for 15 years I've been shooting boudoir as a full-time studio since 2013.  In that time hundreds of women have come in to feel beautiful and many have graciously allowed me to share their gorgeous images in the following portfolio galleries.  None of these are professional models - they are ALL regular women, just like you and me.

Here are a few reasons why clients have decided to do a session:

  • They may be a bit older and want to recapture their sexiness
  • They want to give their significant other and unique gift - anniversary, birthday, Christmas or Valentine's Day
  • They are a bride planning a wedding and they want to create the perfect gift for their groom.
  • They might be on the curvy side and want images that show how perfect and beautiful they are.
  • They are a celebrating a milestone like a birthday (or divorce) and want to preserve this moment forever
  • They are simply like you and me and want to treat themselves to an experience that will have them looking and feeling more beautiful and confident than ever before. It's about loving yourself.
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