Take the perfect sexy selfie!

Being stuck at home doesn't mean you can't look stunning! While you may have to wait a while for your next boudoir session, you can still capture your drop-dead beauty while in quarantine.

I created the Sexy Selfie Tutorial to help women continue to see and celebrate their beauty, even without the benefit of a professional boudoir session. I'll walk you through how to pose, what expressions to use and how to set up your camera or phone to capture your gorgeous self! Whether you share these images with a special someone or keep them all to yourself, you'll be amazed at how fabulous you look!


Share Your Selfies

       Need a boost of self-love and encouragement? Join our women-only, private VIP Facebook Group, where we lift one another up and celebrate our unique beauty! If you go through the Sexy Selfie Tutorial, I'd love to see your photos in the group! And you can connect with some amazing women just like you.

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