Tennia’s Boudoir Experience

Tennia's Boudoir Experience

In Her Own Words....

I was the skinny, dark-skinned girl with the crooked smile all through school. After school, I was in a not-so-good relationship and didn’t think I could do better. But after I had my first son, I found my voice—and she is loud and fierce!

Fast-forward a bit: A few years ago, my cousin took some boudoir photos, and I was hooked. But, of course, her body type was nothing like mine. I used to Google plus-sized boudoir photos and save them to my phone. But there weren’t a lot.

I did get discouraged at times, looking at photos of all these other women who don’t look like me. I was like, “Where are their stretch marks and mommy tummies???

I was thinking, "Just wait until I lose weight, and then I can do it." And then I came across Candice’s page on Instagram and was in awe. Her photos were so beautiful. I followed all of her pages, Instagram and Facebook. She posted some freebie contests that I did not win, but then she posted a promotion I just couldn’t pass up. I had to do it.

I was too excited, then I got nervous that my photos weren't going to come out like I imagined in my head. Plus I had NEVER been in full makeup. NEVER!


Then came the time to purchase lingerie. Ugh, I felt like a whale sometimes trying things on. I was thinking of rescheduling or looking for any crash diets to lose some weight before the shoot, but then I was like, “F$%& IT”!

Shoot day came, and I was hyped for it, thanks to my friends and my boo. I got to the studio and it was so nice! I met Candice and Ana and sat down for my makeup and MIMOSAS! (Candice makes the best fresh mimosas I have ever had.)

I was still nervous, but Candice and Ana made me so comfortable talking that I forgot it was the first time I had met them. And my face reveal—oh honey, I was amazed! I tried on the different things I'd brought, and we decided which looked best and got ready for the shoot.


I mean, if I could have purchased them all, I DEFINITELY would have! To see the way she posed me and how she translated it to film was AMAZING!

I did feel like I had been through a yoga session when we were done (she told me I would), but I was so comfortable, even when it got down to the nude photos, I wasn't nervous at all.

I went for lunch and came back to preview my photos. And listen, I mean, if I could have purchased them all, I DEFINITELY would have! To see the way she posed me and how she translated it to film was AMAZING!

My confidence was already on 10, but now it's like on 1,000. I have shared a few pictures that I am allowed to share... LOL, he is not having it! And everyone is like, "WOW!" I am so happy I did it and will be booking another one! I did not give them as a gift, but he thinks they belong to him. These were for me and I am glad I did them.

Are you ready to start planning YOUR ultimate boudoir experience?

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