Today is all about LOVE

….. Self LOVE and sharing the love. And I do mean SELF love. Have you HEARD about this amazing Vibrator? Click on the picture and scroll to the bottom of the page to see the fantastic reviews. This little lovely toy may be life changing….and soooo…..

This is today's prize!!

So….how do you win this today??

You get to SHARE THE LOVE!

Invite 5 friends to join the VIP Facebook Group (be sure to message them so they know to visit the group and accept!). Each friend who accepts earns you an entry to win the prize of the day. (I will wait til the end of the day to approve them so I can see who accepted)

Then, find the Day 2 post in the group and tag your friends in the comments!

Today's winner will be very very happy for some time to come….

Don't forget to participate in all 8 days of the giveaway so you can be entered to win our GRAND PRIZE!

And don't worry! If you miss a day, you can still go back and make up the challenge even though it's ended! 

Check out Day 1 here!


P.S. Keep an eye out for my next email!

P.P.S. If you are wanting info about a session with me… now is the time to do it. Anyone who books during this giveaway gets 70% off their session/booking fee.   CLICK HERE to get all the info.

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