At the end of it all, this turned out to be more than a gift for my new husband. It was validation to me of my worth and how beautiful I really am, which is priceless and so valuable to me. It’s hard to look at the mirror and feel beautiful but looking at those images, I now have no issue of seeing just that.

Boudoir Photoshoot


Take Care of Yourself

Get guidance from Candice on what to wear for your session and find the perfect outfits to show off your sexy side. 



Your ultimate boudoir experience includes up to 90 minutes of shooting time, professional hair and makeup, and four outfits with wardrobe styling.



Candice custom-edits each image in your gallery, highlighting each seductive smile and stunning pose. 

Same-Day Reveal


After your session (and a quick bite to eat), you get to settle in for an image reveal and order some amazing products!

Welcome to Sexy Serendipity!

I'm Candice, and I absolutely love showing people how gorgeous they are and how beautiful they look through my lens.

You deserve to feel like the gorgeous, sexy woman you are. We want you to leave our studio with a newfound confidence in yourself and a sense of empowerment in your femininity.

Sexy is more than lingerie—it's all about that classy sensuality that brings out the many sides of your personality.

Boudoir is all about you and revealing the sexy inside you. You are worth it. You are PERFECT as you are NOW.

What's a boudoir session like?


Most people aren’t familiar with boudoir and what a boudoir session includes. Learn all about what a day in my studio is like and what you have to look forward to if you book a boudoir session at Sexy Serendipity!

Who is boudoir for?


Not sure what boudoir photography is or what it involves? Maybe you have a friend who’s done a boudoir session or have seen posts on Facebook or Instagram about these empowering images. But why do women choose to do boudoir and who is it for?


  My session was by far the most rewarding and empowering thing I have ever done. I felt so beautiful, sexy and confident the whole time I was there, especially while being photographed. Candice guided me into positions that were flaunting my curves and flattering in all angles. At one point, I was laying on her bed, completely naked, being photographed and was loving every damn minute of it! The entire session was completely different than what I expected. It was exactly what I needed to gain more confidence and self-esteem, and to truly see myself as I am now and not the same overweight girl I used to be.


The Boudie Babe

Lingerie & Wardrobe Guide

A FREE guide created for Sexy Serendipity customers. Everything you need to know about what to wear for your boudoir session.

Bridal Boudoir


Looking for a truly special groom's gift? Give your man a gift he won't expect and will definitely never forget with a stunning bridal boudoir session

Nude Boudoir


Your boudoir session is a chance to bare it all, to show off the skin you're in and how beautiful you truly are. Reveal a deeper love for your body and your journey with nude portraits.

Beach Boudoir


Want to take your boudoir session to the next level? Beach boudoir adds an extra level of glamour and fun, but these sessions are also a little different from a regular boudoir shoot.


       I feel even more confident now that I took that photo. The photos were for me and something for me to have for myself. I got a large three split canvas of myself doing the splits to go over my bed. At first I felt that it was kind of extra to have a large photo of myself over my bed. What a diva! But as time went on, I got more comfortable of showing myself. My parents recently visited, and I was very nervous of what my dad would say. Do I take it down? Do I leave it? To my surprise, his comment was, “That’s really nice!”

Sexy Serendipity Boudoir Studio



About Sexy Serendipity

Sexy Serendipity is a premier boudoir photography studio, designed to empower, embolden, and infuse women with a new sense of confidence. Our sessions create a luxury boudoir experience that reminds you to love your body and yourself.

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