What’s a Boudoir Session Like?

What’s a Boudoir Session Like?

One of the most common questions I get about boudoir is the most basic one: What is a boudoir session like?

Most people aren’t familiar with boudoir and what a boudoir session includes, so I thought it would be a great idea to explain what you can expect. By the end of this blog post, you’ll know all about what a day in my studio is like and what you have to look forward to if you book a boudoir session at Sexy Serendipity!

Before we talk about the details of a boudoir session, I want to let you know you’re in great hands with me. Boudoir is my specialty, and I’ll be here to guide you through the entire experience and answer all your questions. So, don’t worry about what to wear, hair and makeup, or even how to do all those sexy poses because I got you!

  • Choose what to wear

    When you arrive at the studio, the first thing we’ll do is lay out everything you brought with you. Doing this allows me to get an understanding of your style and helps me brainstorm different poses and outfits that will work best for you.

    You’ll also get to look through all the gorgeous pieces I have in the studio. I may have a bit of a lingerie addiction, so I have pieces in every size and color.

  • Get all dolled up

    Once we’ve chosen some outfits, we’ll transition into doing your hair and makeup. As a general rule, we’re going for sexy eyes and wavy hair, but of course you will have the final say on how dramatic your hair and makeup look is. Think ahead of time about how dramatic you’d like your look to be, and we’ll work with your comfort level!

  • Strut your stuff

    After hair and makeup, we’ll have what I like to call “fashion show time.” You get to try everything on and show it off, just like in those fun shopping montages from all the best chick flicks!

    For even more inspiration, you can download my free guide to my favorite outfits for boudoir. Click here to download the guide now!

  • Strike a pose

    Once you’re all made up, styled, and dressed to stun, we’ll start the photo shoot! The shooting portion of the session lasts about 90 minutes. You’ll probably chance outfits three or four times, and by the end you may feel worn out, like you just did a strenuous yoga class. After all, we don’t stretch and hold poses like these every day!

  • Have a bite to eat

    When we finished with the shoot, we’ll take a break for lunch, and while you’re out grabbing some much-needed sustenance, I will download all your images and get them ready to show you. By the time you get back to the studio after an hour-long lunch break, I’ll be ready to show you all your images on a big-screen TV!

  • Pick your favorites

    Last not certainly not least, it will be time to choose all your favorite images and decide how you want to display them. Maybe you want a folio box of individual matte prints that you can display whenever and wherever your heart desires. Or maybe you’d rather have a gorgeous album filled with tons of images that’s easy to hide in a drawer or bedside table. Whatever you choose, we have the perfect option for you!

    The whole boudoir day, from getting ready to choosing your images, lasts about six hours. I like to describe it as a spa day, except you not only feel amazing afterwards—you also have beautiful images to keep forever!

    Check out my portfolio to see images from some of the lovely ladies who have dived into the boudoir experience! You could be one of them!

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