Patricia’s Boudoir Experience

Patricia's Boudoir Experience

In Her Own Words...

I found Sexy Serendipity through my friend Cindy who had previously done two sessions. She showed me a few pictures and was raving about her experience. I expressed interest and she added me to the Facebook VIP group.

I have always loved the idea of embracing femininity as a means of empowering women and showing the true power of the female form. Unfortunately, I always thought I had to look a certain way in order to do these pictures, so I always pushed the idea away, thinking I would somehow look ridiculous or that my “flaws” would somehow stand out even more so.


I've struggled with my body image since childhood and embarked on a self-love journey a few years ago. Part of that journey and healing included losing over 100 pounds about two years ago and also becoming a first-time mom about three years ago.

Getting used to this new body has been a journey in itself. I started participating more in the Facebook group, and seeing all the pictures of so many different types of women really inspired me because if they could do it, then why can’t I?

I decided it was finally time to CELEBRATE MYSELF, not for looking a certain way but for finally loving myself no matter what.

It just so happened to be around the time of the Black Friday sale, so I jumped at the chance to book a session. I tried booking the earliest session for fear of having cold feet and backing out if I waited too long. I had to strike while the iron was HOT, haha! I was ready to see myself in a different light and ready to face my fear: myself. I also wanted to take these pictures as part of a gift to my fiancé, since we just got engaged about a month ago. He always said I’m the most beautiful girl in the world, so I wanted to show him that I finally saw myself the same way that he did.


I decided it was finally time to CELEBRATE MYSELF, not for looking a certain way but for finally loving myself no matter what.

The session itself couldn’t have gone any better than it did. I was still extremely nervous. I almost talked myself out of my session three times during the week leading up to it... thank God I didn’t! The welcome email and guide helped answer any basic questions I had and put my nerves at ease.

That morning, I arrived extra early, had coffee and breakfast downstairs at the café, and waited for my scheduled time. I met Ana, the makeup artist/hair stylist, downstairs, and we took the elevator up to the studio.

Once we got there, I got to meet Candice, and we started getting ready for the shoot. I love getting my hair and makeup done, so it felt nice to be pampered right from the start.

While they got me ready, we chatted and got to know each other. It felt like we were girl friends catching up: we talked about life, boys, mom stuff and beauty. I told them I was initially nervous, but their laidback vibe and friendly demeanor really helped me feel comfortable. Also, thank God for mimosas because a little champagne never hurt anybody.


Ana did a wonderful job on my hair and makeup. I normally don’t wear a lot of makeup except for a bold lip, so I asked her to do something different. I have almond-shaped eyes which she wanted to accentuate, so we did a nice thick winged liner look to make them pop! I loved her work and highly recommend her.

Then it was time to play dress-up. I had brought a suitcase full of items that I tried on. Candice helped me pick out which outfits looked best and picked some pieces from her studio wardrobe collection to add some color and different styles! I really enjoyed this because she pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped create outstanding looks that I normally would have never tried on my own!

We even mix-and-matched some of our pieces together to get a little pinup look, which was so fun!

The photo shoot itself was wonderful! It felt very collaborative, since I had made a board on Pinterest and browsed her Pinterest as well to see what I gravitated towards. We had a lot of fun deciding poses and playing with different ideas during the shoot. It felt very natural and go-with-the-flow.

It was pretty impressive to see how much actually goes into a photo shoot (hair and makeup, wardrobe, lighting, posing, angles, etc.) and I had a blast throughout the shoot. The best part was probably picking the outfits together, but a close second was hearing Candice casually say “Now laugh hysterically” at random times, which would naturally send me into a fit of giggles!

I was so happy because it was TOTALLY different from what I was expecting. Everyone was so nice, warm, and welcoming, and the atmosphere and music was super chill. During the shoot, it was just Candice and me, which made it so fun and took away any worries or pressure I might have had.


After having a delicious lunch downstairs (that café is amazing, I must say), it was time to see the pictures. Of course I had a great time, but I’m a human being so I was starting to get a little nervous again. What if the pictures don’t turn out the way I imagine? What if the clothes don’t fit right? What if I had too much cellulite, a double chin, or any other random perceived flaw I think I have?

Then I thought to myself, “Don’t be silly!! You had a great time. You are going to look AMAZING!” When I finally got to see the pictures, I burst into tears! Happy tears, of course! I couldn’t believe how great the pictures turned out.

Candice really captured me and my personality. Some pictures were so sweet, some classically beautiful, and other were straight up HOTTT!!! I was thrilled with what I saw on the screen and couldn’t wait to make the photo book and show my fiancé.

I know it may sound silly, but this photo shoot changed me. I made the challenge to see myself in a different way, and I came out the other side feeling EMPOWERED. I felt beautiful, strong, sexy, and overall AMAZING! I felt so beautiful and feminine! Being a woman is an amazing thing...there’s nothing in the world quite like us!

I have been raving about it since the moment I walked out the door. My enthusiasm has been contagious because I’ve been telling my family, my friends, my coworkers. I’m pretty sure I’ll end up telling a stranger about my experience by the time this blog is posted! Even my fiancé is recommending it to his friends and coworkers because he sees how much I truly enjoyed it! A few of my friends are already joining the VIP group because they want to feel the same way I am.

I recommend this to ANY WOMAN who is ready to see herself for what she truly is: uniquely, undeniably and unapologetically BEAUTIFUL

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